Nonathlon News

13 July 2024

Scoring complete

With apologies for the delay in updating 500m and 1k (down to an issue in LibreOffice that seems to be fixed with the latest release) scoring updates for the year are now complete. Next up is updating the site and making the latest scoring spreadsheet available

11 May 2024

Scoring updates

Getting a good start to the new season, the new season scoring updates begin today. With a little luck these should be complete by the end of the month, to be followed by an update to the shared spreadsheets (and general explanation) on the site

07 May 2024

2025 Season has started

Congratulations to sundance for winning the 2024 Nonathlon!!!

Remember that you need to REGISTER for the 2025 season before you can log in, even if you competed in 2024...

You can import your profile, so it only takes a few seconds :)

Row Hard and Good Luck!