About The Nonathlon

The Nonathlon lets you compete on equal terms with other Concept2 rowers of all ages.  You compete against everyone, but using the previous years rankings you are only scored against the best times/distances for your own age, weight, and sex.  This gives everyone a more equal chance of winning.

Nonathlon 2025

The Nonathlon 2025 season is in progress so Register NOW!!!  (2024 competitors can import their profile to the new season)

The Nonathlon 2024 has finished and the winners can be seen in the 2024 Archive

Prizes are awarded and T-Shirt designs are made available soon after the end of each season.

The small print!

We run the Nonathlon as a volunteer effort.  Paul does the data, Andy does the website.  It takes a surprising amount of time to do both of these jobs, but we are happy to give back to the community.

Concept2 have been very supportive of our efforts with the Nonathlon, but they don't pay for anything, and we are not an "official" part of the Concept2 website or company.

We don't take any paid advertising (but if you tell us about a product or service and we think it is good... we might put a link up for you).  We don't sell your information. We don't charge for the Nonathlon, and we make all the data available in case we mysteriously disappear one day!


Nonathlon by Paul Harris
Website by Andy Nield
Logo by Shirley Godkin